Why have so many love seekers chosen beautiful sights, over love’s ever bright light?  The answer is free will.  No person is ever created without a purpose or a person to love them, unconditionally and totally.  There is always a reason for being, and a being is created to love and be lovable.  If someone has not found their purpose, or love for another, reciprocated in total unity; they must have overlooked love, to instead see beauty alone.

Beautiful things are witnessed by those, who look to copy another’s happiness.  This is to be a spectator to someone else’s joy.  For to accept only beauty is to settle for second best.  It is a temporary glimpse into the happiness created by others, for others.

Instead light seekers invite love in with certainty, before the means are even carried out and the ends are given.  They block all other roads for their cause to journey on, so it has no choice but to collide magnificently on the crossroad of effect.  Their destiny is found in the love that patiently lies in between all that is now, and all that has ever been.  They understand that free will calls, for the reader and writer to be one in the same.

Therefore the idea that some are more deserving of love than others is untrue.  Deserving is just another way of saying perception, as it is this which manifests the reality in the eye of the beholder.  Many perceptions are conditioned into us when we are young, and so we must find our own truth, if we are to see love with clarity.

In clarity there is certainty in our ability to create freely.  No longer do we believe that our destiny is preordained through culture, religion or environment.  Or look to our parents, teachers or peers to tell us how love is to be.  Instead it is up to us to willingly invite love in, and only then can we see that love is beyond just a beautiful thing.Nadia F

Poem extracts


“Clarity always comes, after the light sets in, Now I see the feeling is just something I chose to sing, Without a name this feeling, has no power over me, I let it stay, but with no name, to release its intensity.

I no longer name this feeling, I don’t pay it mind at all, For what is named, remains the same, and strengthens through my call.”

The ‘Thinker’ of my thoughts

“Who whisper’s to me quietly, when I catch the thought too late, what is this nagging voice, of perpetual self-hate?

Who creates my perceptions of how I believe myself to be, and who creates my evaluation of happiness’s worthiness for me?”

Love is Beyond A Beautiful thing

“Beauty is lonely, and its price must be paid, but once payment is exchanged, its value is no longer the same.

For, compassion is now gone, and arrogance sets in, for what is now owned, is just a beautiful thing.”

The question I must ask is what is the question?

“To answer your question is to know love, love is the way, There is no question, don’t you see, There is no question worthy of love, if it is not of love. Therefore ask the question of Love, and your prayer will be answered for you.”

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