Beyond A Beautiful Thing

Here is an an extract from Beyond A Beautiful Thing.

His great responsibility in his powerful position, gave him an in-depth insight into the student’s mind.  He would only ever demonstrate to those that were willing.  The others in dreamland would do as they pleased; and so they should.  Because forceful teachings were counteractive; for free will to choose was removed.  Instead he accepted that when his students were willing, the lessons would teach themselves; as supporting evidence would be provided through synchronicity.

The teacher knew that universities and schools did not determine who was able to teach truth.  Instead it was located in unequivocal certainty, and set by the unambiguous guidelines of the universal governing body.  The teacher observed, but never entertained those who had claimed to have found the philosopher’s stone; the penultimate answer to the only question ever asked, and the question from which all questions arose.  How could he?  For such gasps of truth, were various perceptions, interpreted by many men; the source of internal and external conflict, and the cause of countless wars.  Instead the teacher knew that truth gave way to one meaning, one purpose and one answer.

Those interpretations argued for many centuries could not make the truth, untrue.  His knowing was not threatened by the endless claims, of like minded pockets of individuals who collectively chanted in union.  They protested too much, that their forceful thinking was the way for all.  He knew that truth had no interpretation and needed no defense.  It was an innate gift of knowing.  Truth was only accurate if it resonated in everyone; without any exceptions.  If this was not so; then it was not truth. Instead individual falsities would continue to inflict on others right to choose, in a world that demanded to be right, instead of loving.

Written by Nadia F.

Extract from Beyond A Beautiful Thing.