The ‘Thinker’ of my thoughts.

Who whisper’s to me quietly, when I catch the thought too late, what is this nagging voice, of perpetual self-hate?
Who creates my perceptions of how I believe myself to be, and who creates my evaluation of happiness’s worthiness for me?
Who is the thinker behind my thoughts today, and how do they keep me safe? If I believe I am worthy then why do I keep putting myself in harm’s way?
Does the thinker behind my thoughts value me at all; does it deem me capable of the so called love and joy for all?

Who is the thinker that tells me, my life must be this way, my trust is getting weaker; I feel there may be another way?
If this thinker sees me as undeserving, how does this affect what I receive, everyone else has happiness, why not me?
Who is the thinker that is with me all the time, and what does it value of my own mind?
But if to value is to love and always keep safe, why is this thinker treating me this way, I am of value and I deserve happiness too, if only the thinker knew what I knew.
If I know what I know, why do I stay still, surely it’s better to make what I know real?

I chose to be the thinker behind my thoughts today, and I undo all that the thinker has done, is here I realize that happiness is a conscious choice, given freely to each and every one.
Happiness, happiness I chose to be, I now chose what my thinker does show, I decide what’s worthy of me, and love is all I know.

Nadia F.