Love Is Beyond A Beautiful thing.

Love is beyond a beautiful thing, for beauty is individual, but love includes everything.
Beauty is passion for what we perceive through our eyes, but to just see beauty, is to look to the outside.
When we look within, we hear love is listening, waiting patiently, for what is given freely to all things.
It is here compassion and passion combine, to make love the universal current of life.
Beauty alone cannot comprehend love in ugly sights; for it cannot perceive beauty in all of gods light.
It separate’s itself from those ugly things, deems them only worthy when darkness sets in.
It thinks love cannot exist in all that it sees, and so it is cleverly betrayed and easily deceived.

Beauty is lonely, and its price must be paid, but once payment is exchanged, its value is no longer the same.
For, compassion is now gone, and arrogance sets in, for what is now owned, is just a beautiful thing.
Love is a free spirit and a gift for all, its treasure is beyond what beauty so easily can fool.
Like a flock of birds, who collectively take flight, they know they are guided by the rhythm of life.
True love is your guide, but not through your eyes, you can see beauty in the universal language of life.

To protect beauty is to be vigilant for fear of loss, but love needs no protection, for its worth cannot be measured by cost, it can’t be stolen or taken away, for there is no price to pay, for love to be exchanged.
Love does not evoke envy or arrogance of I, it is beyond beauty, timeless and kind. When vigilance is gone, and peace sets in, you will see that love is beyond just a beautiful thing.

Nadia F.