What establishes a connection that speaks and feels that of love, regardless of attitudes and differences of what one does? Why does communication not always work well, if both can speak freely, what is there to dwell? I accept you to be, what is true for you. There is no need for conflict of who is better than whom.

Communications purpose is to share and to extent. Why then have you taken what I have said, and turned it into the worlds end? Why are you receptive sometimes, but other times you seem cold? What has changed our relationship to make it appear weary and old? For nothing has changed, not that I can see. We respect each other’s beliefs, and we were happy to agree to disagree. But today you are different and you seem unkind, you retort with anger and arrogance of I.

Wait, did I ask your permission before I did decide that I should speak? Did I watch you closely to see if you were comfortable with me? Or did I continue to talk, when I knew you were not willing me to go on, and did I force my way into your mind, so as to demand you understand where I was coming from? I thought we were learning from each other’s way. I thought we were combining our knowledge with our individual faith. Now I feel bad for I see I was blind, I thought I was sharing whilst not hearing your sighs. You have not changed, it was me that forcefully charged on, and I did not see that it was you, I infringed on.

To convey forcefully is not to convey at all, for that is dictatorship where there is only one way to rule. But my friend you are my equal, and it is your choice to invite me in, and instead I chose to continue talking when you were no longer listening. Even peace comes of hate, when force is removed, to show all as equal and that they can each willingly choose.

I now see the difference in what creates meaningful exchange; I know I must be invited in first, if I am to stay. Rather than to talk at you and expect you to hear, I realise I must be patient, and when you are ready, the invite will be clear. And so next time I begin to address you; I will first recognize the sign, to check if you are willingly inviting me inside. I will watch how your eyes flicker, and the way you use your hands, as your body language will tell me what your words cannot withstand. Then, when you and I are both willing, there will be no aggression, or an argument to win, for here we will embrace the others feelings, and their personal opinions.

Communication is the sharing of knowledge, and that of love. But this can only be extended, if both participants consent to what the conversation does. Otherwise our words will fail to convey, anything other than what they actually do attempt say. Next time you demand another’s attention, first look into their eyes, does their body convey ‘come in’ or is it saying ‘goodbye’?

Hello friend, is that a sign that you have invited me in? Yes I am ready, now shall we begin?

Nadia F


The ‘Thinker’ of my thoughts.

Who whisper’s to me quietly, when I catch the thought too late, what is this nagging voice, of perpetual self-hate?
Who creates my perceptions of how I believe myself to be, and who creates my evaluation of happiness’s worthiness for me?
Who is the thinker behind my thoughts today, and how do they keep me safe? If I believe I am worthy then why do I keep putting myself in harm’s way?
Does the thinker behind my thoughts value me at all; does it deem me capable of the so called love and joy for all?

Who is the thinker that tells me, my life must be this way, my trust is getting weaker; I feel there may be another way?
If this thinker sees me as undeserving, how does this affect what I receive, everyone else has happiness, why not me?
Who is the thinker that is with me all the time, and what does it value of my own mind?
But if to value is to love and always keep safe, why is this thinker treating me this way, I am of value and I deserve happiness too, if only the thinker knew what I knew.
If I know what I know, why do I stay still, surely it’s better to make what I know real?

I chose to be the thinker behind my thoughts today, and I undo all that the thinker has done, is here I realize that happiness is a conscious choice, given freely to each and every one.
Happiness, happiness I chose to be, I now chose what my thinker does show, I decide what’s worthy of me, and love is all I know.

Nadia F.

Love Is Beyond A Beautiful thing.

Love is beyond a beautiful thing, for beauty is individual, but love includes everything.
Beauty is passion for what we perceive through our eyes, but to just see beauty, is to look to the outside.
When we look within, we hear love is listening, waiting patiently, for what is given freely to all things.
It is here compassion and passion combine, to make love the universal current of life.
Beauty alone cannot comprehend love in ugly sights; for it cannot perceive beauty in all of gods light.
It separate’s itself from those ugly things, deems them only worthy when darkness sets in.
It thinks love cannot exist in all that it sees, and so it is cleverly betrayed and easily deceived.

Beauty is lonely, and its price must be paid, but once payment is exchanged, its value is no longer the same.
For, compassion is now gone, and arrogance sets in, for what is now owned, is just a beautiful thing.
Love is a free spirit and a gift for all, its treasure is beyond what beauty so easily can fool.
Like a flock of birds, who collectively take flight, they know they are guided by the rhythm of life.
True love is your guide, but not through your eyes, you can see beauty in the universal language of life.

To protect beauty is to be vigilant for fear of loss, but love needs no protection, for its worth cannot be measured by cost, it can’t be stolen or taken away, for there is no price to pay, for love to be exchanged.
Love does not evoke envy or arrogance of I, it is beyond beauty, timeless and kind. When vigilance is gone, and peace sets in, you will see that love is beyond just a beautiful thing.

Nadia F.