Where does Love Go?

What is love? Where does it go?

You say you are listening, you say you hear me,

Trouble not those who are in love, for they know their peace, they see it as real.

To create love is to see beyond what is not seen.

I inspire you to see the unseen, the beauty in yourself, and not of yourself.

See me, will to change, and I will embrace you.

I will show you love.

I forgive you, so long as you forgive yourself.

It is not who you are that is important, it is what you are.

Quiet whisper’s tell the truth.

Do not push for answers, for I know not what is forced.

Little things create big things, one step at a time.

When you see that there is no time, you will see that there are no steps to climb.

Now it is here.

Love lights the way.

Stand tall. Stop no one, believe in me,

For I believe in you.

I will always see love for you.

Close your eyes.

I forgive you.

Do you see me now?

Love goes nowhere, as love is everywhere.

Nadia F.