The question I must ask is what is the question?

The question I must ask is what is the question?
The answer is always love,
How can the question change, but that the answer is always the same, love?
For love is eternal for All by All.

Do not look away, I will show you,
To answer your question is to know love, love is the way,
There is no question, don’t you see,
There is no question worthy of love, if it is not of love.
Therefore ask the question of Love, and your prayer will be answered for you.

I see all the same, as one, for eternity.
Bless those who look for me, for they will see me as I see you.
Do you want love?
For I do.
And so it shall be true for you, as it is for me.

Close your eyes and see me.
I am here always.
I am here for you.
Love not of me, but of yourself, as you are me,
And in return I will love you.

Nadia F.