Joy from prosperity?

If you find that no one can help you, look not to me, I will listen to you always, but I will not deceive. For all of time I recognize, that you will want for all. I know this is not what you want to hear, but it is truth. I love you, but can only accept love of you. Only time will tell if you are right, love is right always.

Be still, listen to me. I shall not condemn you, any more than you can not condemn yourself. See the light always, follow the light always. For I will show you how it is to be. I love you, be still. Feel that, know that, believe that. Love is eternal as is peace. For peace to be possible, love must exist.

Time after time, you show no mercy on others and it is this, which will lead you away from me. Listen to me, follow me, I will light the way for all. To be you, is to be me. For we are all one, united in heaven and love. Love is the way, love lights all. Show me love today, and I will walk with you in eternity.

Nadia F