Today I have this feeling, it just won’t go away. I did everything I thought I should, but the feelings still the same.
I woke up knowing happy, and most of my thoughts were sane, but it crept in, while I was not looking, and now I feel ashamed.
I look for some answers, while willing this dis-ease to go, but nothing seems to help me, what do I need to know?
If I am free to choose my feelings, why do I feel locked in bad thoughts? I can’t find the key to my troubled mind; I’m wondering how to retort.
I search more intently for answers, no one thing can make this sane, I must be searching wrongly, where do I find the strength to remove my pain?
I give in to this feeling, and I just let it be, I take away my judgements of what I perceive it to be. Suddenly it’s clearing, and the darkness is less. What has happened in this time? All I did was accept.
When the darkness is lessened, and the light begins to shine, I realize what happened to make me change my mind, it was owning it as mine.
Clarity always comes, after the light sets in, now I see the feeling is just something I chose to sing. Without a name this feeling, has no power over me, I let it stay, but with no name to release its intensity.
I no longer name this feeling, I don’t pay it mind at all, for what is named, remains the same, and strengthens through my call.
Nadia F

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